Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Children's Week

As anyone who plays WoW should know, Children's Week is back up and running.  This is one of the annual week-long events that take place throughout the year, but this one is not intended to celebrate a major holiday.  Instead, this one seems to be more of a "feel good" event . . . with MINI-PETS!!

I have to admit . . . I'm a WoW mini-pet collector.  I love the little varmints, and I have been actively collecting them ever since the change that allowed me to have multitudes of them without taking up my precious bag/bank spaces.  So, with my addiction in full gear last night, I started the arduous process of finishing the Children's Week "fed-ex" quests so I could finally get the last two pets I had been missing from this event.

I was actually a bit intrigued by the "vanilla" quest line, since I recently switched my main character from Horde to Alliance.  I had never done the Children's Week quests (or any of the annual events) with an Alliance toon, and I actually got to see some stuff that I had not seen in the game before last night.

First, Westfall has changed.  Yes, I know many of the old areas changed with Cataclysm, but I wasn't really prepared for all the new buildings and fortifications around Sentinel Hill.  Back when the level cap was only 60, I remember spending many hours in and around Sentinel Hill looking for the always elusive "VC run".  Now, that fledgling waypoint has become almost a full-blown town.

Second, I never knew that a path to Old Ironforge had been opened below the throne room in Ironforge.  It was a neat experience to go down into the bowels of the city to find a diamond statue of Bronzebeard.  I've always been a sucker for hidden areas in games, books, movies, etc. and while I know this area is accessible to any Alliance character, it felt like I was finding a secret area.

Unfortunately, the Shattrath City quests were the same as I remembered from doing them in previous years, but they didn't seem to take me too long to complete (except trying to find a good way into Exodar . . . man, that place is remote), and before long I had the two pets I needed to complete the "Children's Week Collection" and bring my personal collection up to 173 pets.

Without further ado:

Whiskers the Rat!


Legs the, um, Swampwalker thingie??


  1. Children's week is one of the few holidays I really look forward to when I have an active WoW sub. I especially enjoy dragging the orphans into all sorts of dangerous areas ;-P

    And 173 mini-pets, holy cow that's a lot. You'll be set up well for the pokemon game when it goes live in MoP.

    1. Yeah, I have to admit that I'm pretty excited to see what the mini-pet games are all about. I really hope it is a fun feature. I've been waiting for awhile for WoW to start doing a few things for the more "casual" player. I enjoy raiding and "loot-chasing," but some days I just want to sit back and focus on something that may be considered frivolous, for lack of a better term.

  2. > Children's Week is back up and running. This is one
    > of the annual week-long events that take place throughout
    > the year, but this one is not intended to celebrate a
    > major holiday.

    I think it is, just not a US holiday. :)

    > to find a diamond statue of Bronzebeard.

    It's not a statue, it's Magni himself. :)

    1. Thanks for the info. I didn't realize it was a Japanese holiday, interesting!

      And, yes I realized it was Magni; however, he looks a lot more like a statue now than a dwarf :)

  3. I love Childrens week.... affectionately referred to as "abuse an orphan week" in our guild! I got the newest pets on my priest, and I'm so glad they will transfer to my other characters once Mists of Pandaria come out!