Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Addiction

During Christmas, my wife and I were gifted an iPad that we intended to share. For the first month, I've done very little with the device because the majority of the time I'm on my desktop or laptop playing some type of video game . . .

However . . . that all changed when I read a little about Infinity Blade II and decided to give it a try. Now, I had never played Infinity Blade, so I was going in completely unaware of what to expect, but so far, I can hardly put the game down. In fact, last night, I found myself playing IB II while sitting in my computer chair with my SW:TOR character just idling.

This game has really fascinated me in a number of different ways, and that got me thinking about why exactly I like this game since it is basicly just repeating the same area over and over.

1. The graphics are superb. Granted, there are not a ton of varied environments or anything since you play through the same scenerio multiple times, but I think the environments that are there are very well rendered.

2. The opponents are ALL epic. Every warrior or monster I face feels and looks like a real challenge. They are bigger than my character, and many of them look mean with spikes, teeth, claws, large weapons, or a combination of all of these.

3. Finding random treasure has never been so fun! The dynamic in this game for finding random treasure is to quickly click on it as your character moves through a "cut-scene" from boss to boss. If it weren't for this feature, I probably wouldn't pay much attention between the bosses, but this keeps me engaged.

4. I love that my gear levels up. It is a really neat concept that I gain XP as my gear gains XP. There is also a lot of gear that has some very unique visuals.

5. Insta-death exists. I've come up against a few things that kill me pretty quickly, and I've died a time or two simply from exploring, but since I just start back over at the same spot with all of my money, gear, etc. in tact, it doesn't feel to penalizing. It does, however, add to nervousness factor as I explore through.

I don't think I've ever been as intrigued by a game before. Looking at this game on the surface, I should hate it . . . It is definitely on rails; I like a bit more sandbox . . . there are no quests and no real story-line . . . I am repeating the same area over and over . . . I like a more strategy oriented combat instead of live-action . . . but I'm loving it!

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