Saturday, January 21, 2012


I've read a lot of chatter lately about how much Star Wars: The Old Republic needs a Looking for Dungeon system implemented, so that got me thinking about what I would want to see in such a system.

1. It should only be implemented for Flashpoints and/or Operations. Heroic content should remain as is, and folks should have to find their own group while on the planet where the heroic content exists.

2. It should allow players to "queue" up for one or more Flashpoints/Operations from any where in the Universe. I would like to see some type of checklist where you can pick multiple FP/OPS and then go to whichever fills up a group first.

3. It should NOT insta-warp you to the entrance of the FP/OPS ala WoW. I think there is a lot of depth lost with this mechanic, and I think this promotes the "stand around all day in one place" attitude.

4. It should NOT be cross-server. I understand the benefits of cross-server grouping, but I really hate what has happened in WoW since this was implemented. Namely, the groups have gotten so impersonal that now my character, who I have lovingly leveled, equipped, transmogged, thought about, developed, etc. is not known by his name, Tykoon, but simply as "Tank" or "Warrior". It has gotten to the point where LFD groups don't even see the names of the characters they are grouped with, simply their functions. I would like to see a system that doesn't take away the personal part of the game.

If this was implemented in SW:TOR, I think it could be a huge benefit that would allow a lot more people to experience what are some pretty good adventures in the Flashpoints and Operations.

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